Steel Fabricated Housing Components


Wide Flange or I-Beams / Cut-to-size (saw or torch cut) / Prime Painted / Bolted (non-welded) Connections / 90 Cope & Clip Connections / 180deg; Mechanical Splices / Beam Stiffeners Available

Adjustable Jackposts (Teleposts)

5' to 8' or 6' to 9' Telescopic double-tube steel columns

HSS Columns

Heavy Duty, Custom Fabricated Posts 3" or 3.5" Round or 2.5" and Greater Square HSS / Top and Bottom Plates to Your Specifications

Brick Plate

Various thicknesses/Welded


Standard or Custom sizes w/ round or slotted holes



Wire Mesh


Lintel Angle

Cut-to-size/Prime Painted

Steel Fabricated Housing Components

Pemco Fabricated Products - Product Offering

Turning your design requirements into reality

The staff of Pemco Steel is here to work with you to take that special design and make it a reality. Long a major supplier to the housing industry, Pemco Steel has developed specific expertise in non-welded connections, cope and clip connections and mechanical splices.
But housing isn't all we can do! We also handle small fabrication jobs and other custom work. To learn more about our range of fabricated products, please click on the links to the left.
Pemco Steel also offers a full range of value-added services to meet the needs of our customers. Saw and torch cutting, plate burning, shearing, bending, punching, drilling, welding (CWB-certified shop) and prime painting are just a few of the things we can do for you.